Noon Publications is a small upcoming company dedicated to providing grassroots media for the Muslim community. We intend for our site to be a hub for authors and readers who are interested in grassroots movement. Congregational prayers, gardening, homeschooling, home birthing, family and community building, activism, entrepreneurship, healthy eating, alternative medicine, and literacy, are more than a few things that we’re passionate about. We feel these talents and skills should be at the very least discussed, as they are elements that can help a community thrive. All Islamic schools of thought are welcome to this site, though we will not be focusing on points of the religion that divide along sectarian lines. Our main focus will be on unity; common topics that should bring us together.


Our Mission

Noon Publications is determined to distinguish itself by providing quality, state of the art educational materials (books, …apps, audio and visual) for the Muslim Community as a whole, with a special emphasis on the American Muslim Community. We’ve had the conversation with many Muslim families about what’s lacking in Muslim literature, and we found that there’s a large portion of Muslims who feel that there’s not enough books that relate to the American Muslim experience. There is an outcry for more African American, Latino American and Caucasian American characters and themes in Muslim literature for children as well as adult books. Noon Publications intends to fill this void by creating beautiful educational books, ebooks, interactive websites, apps and engaging audio and video performances that will provide Islamic edutainment for the entire family.

In the future we intend to add on the service of publishing other authors, not just our own works. We’ve talked to many Muslim authors and there’s a major need for publishing companies that pay fair royalties, produce better marketing results, and for better overall author/publisher relationships.

We can make a difference in this capacity. We value talented authors and intend to pay fair prices, provide great communication and top notch marketing services.

Children’s Literacy Projects

Last but certainly not least, we’d like to share with you our vision for Noon Publication’s literacy projects. Though this component may not seem to tie in with Noon Publication’s vision and mission, we believe that teaching a love for reading, along with Islamic values and principles is precisely what is needed in order to foster strong minded adults who can think outside the box. The concepts that we present here at Noon Publications are grassroots and revolutionary. Literacy is the key that opens the door to broader horizons and new ways of thinking. Our tagline for the Islamic Phonics Readers Series is Revolutionizing the Way Muslim Children Learn To Read!