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As a homeschooling mom to seven children, I have had a lot of early and phonics readers come through my home, but none have been anything like the Islamic Phonics Readers series. Finally, we now have adorable books, full of imagery our children easily relate to– especially the many faces that reflect our families and diverse communities. The stories’ settings and themes reflect our children’s Islamic and Western heritages. Islamic Phonics Readers are a wonderful series of first readers, sure to become a favorite in your home. Brooke Benoit

Mother of seven, Editor of SISTERS magazine: The Magazine for Fabulous Muslim Women.

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Adam to Zamzam Book Launch!

Asalamu alaikum sisters and brothers! I am very happy to announce that we have officially launched Adam to Zamzam, our level one Islamic Phonics Reader! As some of you know my sister and I have been working tirelessly on this project. It’s a great feeling to see the...

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Adam to Zamzam Book Launch & Ramadan Giveaway!!!

  All of us here at Noon Publications are on cloud nine right now. We are super excited about the impending launch of the first book in the Islamic Phonics Readers Series! "Adam to Zamzam" will be launching early June Inshallah, just in time for Ramadan! We...

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Homebirth: The Spiritual Birth

I walk into the home of a laboring Muslimah...As she paces back and forth, looking for a way to cope with the sensations of labor, she realizes that there is no way out except to give birth. It is that moment that I get to remind her of this hadith: Narrated 'Aisha:...

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